the ghost of past looting

by the crooked crew

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released October 26, 2012



all rights reserved


the crooked crew Spain

The Captain has landed
Praise the Captain
fear the captain
worship the Captain
leave the captain alone
The Captain don't want to be disturbed

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Track Name: the hunter
My toes are frozen now, how could it get much colder
Up to my waist in snow the wolves are out to get me
On the hunt for food the kids cry out from hunger
My fears can't be denied, the teeth are getting closer

How I miss the sun
Summers on the shore
I'm feeling the first bite

Darkness is all around and I can hear some footsteps
My bones have been stripped; turn apart my muscles
Lonely souls at dawn, saved me from starvation
My will has done some good, never meant to be a hunter

How I miss my son
Father where are you?
My fate is set on stone
Track Name: The arsonist
The self proclaimed champion
Undisputed King of the stupid
Can’t find his way out of the room
The flock does not need no more leaders

Burn the whole world down
There is no way around
Burn it to the ground

I’ve been chewing all the rumors
Straight From the mouth of the wolf
That None of these beautiful souls
Will survive to their tumors

This grotesque war on beauty
We are doomed if we lose it.
All the morons in the world
Will honor the promenade

No one will notice, nobody will care
If these freaks survive or if they fail
No pain or glory, a shameless affair
Will lead us throughout the parade

Burn the whole world down
There is no way around
Burn it to the ground
Track Name: Rev-elation
Last night out of frustration, I burnt all my bridges down
I had a revelation. I saw my life Picture clear
Sometimes the lights are glowing but you still live in the dark
Those flames were liberating old me from my past
You can pick up your trophies from the front room
And leave them by the riverside.

Last night all my possessions were drag by the flood
I became a spider, my web shattered by the wind
Woke up this morning, a curtain over my dreams
I’ve been Blindfolded and led out of my town
Tell me how much do you rank your pride?
How much do you expect to make?

I can´t remember any of the plans I ever made
Demolishing them one by one, day by day.

Last night all my obsessions were simply at stake
Forty years of disillusion, withdrawn from the dreaded world.
With my soul on vacation and a License to thrill
Someone handed me a revolver, a handful of empty shells
By the dark side of the river, I shot the stream that never lies
I fell unconscious for a little while.

I can´t remember any of the plans I ever made
Demolishing them one by one, day by day.

I had a revelation
Track Name: inertia
I live in terrible shame.
I should confess to end this blame and make amends. But it is too late
I’ve done it again my friend;
I drank too much and talked all night. Woke up in a pool of sweat.
So comfortable in this numb state.
I won’t recognize myself. Bang! There goes another day
God bless this animal pain
it makes me feel alive and sane.
I need a fix but not today

Overrun by inertia

Was it really worth the wait?
Music is all we have left,
please stay with us throughout the day
Who is charge to clean this mess?
To supply an alibi,
to sweep the dust under our bed.
Soaking wet again
is not the flood is just some rain that’ll keep our lives cold and grey.
You are pulling all my weight,
I’m still scared and paralyzed
I think I’ve killed my only friend