Scabs e​.​p.

by the crooked crew

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and the heat goes on...


released July 7, 2015

the usual suspects



all rights reserved


the crooked crew Spain

The Captain has landed
Praise the Captain
fear the captain
worship the Captain
leave the captain alone
The Captain don't want to be disturbed

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Track Name: carry on
When he put down the phone and found water in his lungs,
Realised, that time don’t really change people.
You can alter the facts for so many times,
But it’ll come back to haunt you after dark.

Considered himself the luckiest man on earth
He had everything a good man ever wished for
But that didn’t stop him from killing the charm
From choosing the lies that suit him the best

I don’t wish you good / I don’t wish you bad
I don’t wish you good, oh no! / I don’t wish you bad
We don’t wish you good/ we don’t wish you bad
We don’t wish you at all, No more,
Just carry on and take me back
To my comfort zone

She might have been driving while taking the call
I could hear the kids talking all along
But she didn’t stop and carried on with her will
How far could they escape with a tank full of gas?
Was she fair to him or was she just plain wrong?
As she quit their house without even a note
To re-start a new life away from the man
Just go to Hell and never look back!!
Track Name: absolutely nothing (to see here)
As reluctant as you were to quit
You took it like a man
And with a promise to return too soon
And do it on your own
Left the building in a blaze or so it did seemed to me
You were followed by a draught of fire
Found yourself on your own, your trap.

As alien as achieving is to you
You were faced by new crusade
Promised not to bury your dreams
To become a rock and roll star
With nothing or no one else to blame
Kept acting like a jerk
Time did past and nothing ever happened
So I guess I was right all along, all day long

I can’t promise we will meet someday
I’m too old to play this game
Track Name: the re-birth of truth #2
I tried to keep your secrets safe, your life the rarest bird
Will be there when the ship explode, right in my face
The sentence was loud and clear. I was supposed to stay
If you could only saw my tears, rolling down the drain
You took away the pain and brought the silence back
Again the river showed me where not to fall apart.

You’re famous now you got your wishes delivered at your door
You worry about the tiniest things that make your life here hell
You are well set up and all the kids follow you behind
In competition with no one so no chance for you to win
You will reveal the truth as long as we are through
Again the river showed me where not to fall apart. (x2)
You realized that you were, the consolation prize
Your endless fascination with my beautiful insides
Were dying to quit the scene since the day I call your name
You think you are the moral king of mediocrity
Your crying gives you the right to keep pushing me down
Again the river showed me where not to fall apart. (x3)
Track Name: underneath
Show what’s underneath
Play that part to me
Trying to be
Not so old
Just worn
Hide what’s underneath
Southern skies are clean
Sabotage my skin
Lead me home gone north