by the crooked crew

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Crooked times and warped psyches produce skewed melodies. Those angular hard emotions coalesce in The Crooked Crew, a band primed to develop after rock ‘n’ roll. They project glacial, redemptive tunes of introspection- that inwardly melodic new terrain.

Via many guises Captain Excuse has continued unstaled by custom to tap the source of the original with oftentimes a pop edge. A viable pop frame for myriad convergences that permeate the work as if the most vital of vocabularies have to be the commercial, but as dignified transport. After the influences that make a band evolve this one has arrived at a contemplative edifice of atmospheres.

Insular is comprised of tunes questing to mean something by these crooked veterans undimmed by time.
Tony Sanders


released December 13, 2014

Written & produced by Captain Excuse
Arranged by the Crooked Crew:
C. Excuse
J.L. Rodríguez
F. Vicario
J. Gutiérrez



all rights reserved


the crooked crew Spain

The Captain has landed
Praise the Captain
fear the captain
worship the Captain
leave the captain alone
The Captain don't want to be disturbed

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Track Name: For the good times
Are you ready to live as if nothing else matters?
Are you ready to ship all your troubles abroad?
If you die quietly no one will remember.
If you go down in style nobody will care

The second before the crash,
your life flashed in front of your eyes
No memories were worth a dime.
you were looking for good times that just were not there

When I found this old place it was only a wasteland
It might look like a shack but found love in the shed
I worked hard and I lied and I built for their pleasure
I was merrily thrown to the depths of despair

Why didn’t you call an ambulance!
When the bleeding reached your holding arms
You know you got to cut some knots;
I was looking for good times that just were not there

Where’s the spark in your eyes and the light that guided you
I was covered and buried in several shades of grey
Seven years and three months since I last climbed to heaven
It’s been life and a half since I last touched your skin

Don’t waste your time digging the past that you hated so much
Nothing to talk about after I’m gone
You were looking for good times that just were not there
HURRAH for the good times!! Nobody will care
I was looking for good times I wish I was dead
Track Name: the fog
When he woke up that fatal morning
Missed the sound of their steps
Still proud of ignoring all the warnings
Without them I’m lost at sea.
Don’t leave the house without a whimper!
Can’t you see we were drowning all along?
The lighthouse guiding us home
Shamelessly rewrote our story
God damn!!This fog

Sat down to write the story of my life
And found out there wasn’t much to add
Felt a rush of blood to my head
Was struck by a panic attack instead
Skin that was torn by the tide
Kissed the shore and wave the dreams goodbye
Tried to keep a hold on my thoughts
But daylight put me back where I belong
God damn this fog

I could have been a contender
And party like a pro.
Instead I was roaming the ocean
Lost in the fog
Help me to sail through this eerie
And find the way home
Cause I’m still roaming the ocean
Lost in the fog
Track Name: carry on
When he put down the phone and found water in his lungs,
Realised, that time don’t really change people.
You can alter the facts for so many times,
But it’ll come back to haunt you after dark.

Considered himself the luckiest man on earth
He had everything a good man ever wished for
But that didn’t stop him from killing the charm
From choosing the lies that suit him the best

I don’t wish you good / I don’t wish you bad
I don’t wish you good, oh no! / I don’t wish you bad
We don’t wish you good/ we don’t wish you bad
We don’t wish you at all, No more,
Just carry on and take me back
To my comfort zone

She might have been driving while taking the call
I could hear the kids talking all along
But she didn’t stop and carried on with her will
How far could they escape with a tank full of gas?
Was she fair to him or was she just plain wrong?
As she quit their house without even a note
To re-start a new life away from the man
Just go to Hell and never look back
Track Name: the road to ruin (and back)
Settling down my own skin was the order of the day
Took a step back to contemplate the window pane
There is nothing that you can do to crack me now
The pitfalls of the road to ruin and back were scarce

And if you make your mind up
Please send us a reminder
For the times we used to share
And if you shake your past up for
The sake of horrifying us
The thrill and honor will be mine

Don’t feel scared of farewells all options led to ruin
Someday soon you will laugh at this. Get used to it.
Routine will occupy your mind. Effortlessly
The vibes are way too civilized
So hard to chew it

You finally made your mind up
Your web then captivated us
How doomed we were from the start

And if you beg the spider
She will be terrified by
The fearlessness of the fly

And if this wreck confine us
To the life of the spineless
I’m sure it will be worth the wait
Track Name: mindless shuffle
Good old stories go hand in hand.
Against your rules, against the tide
The path to glory. Them versus us
To end the myth about your town

Pennies, Nickels, quarters and dimes
He checked his pockets there was a gun
Every time he hit that road
was welcome home with the same frown

Follow the signs; a new way out
How old were you when Elvis died?
This is your future, your fractured mind
That way of thinking won´t take you far

A hole, some silence and peace
Give me the reasons to believe

Stand still, don’t move, too afraid to lose your cool
I know you‘re anxious, you know I’m cruel
Always be proud to blow the roof
Still alone, alone at sea, how do you dare to stare at me
Was bound for glory this mindless wreck
But found in hell my deserved rest

Come soon, please hurry up,
in the long run we all fuck up
Come close, come clean,
Squeeze my nerves and make me sick
Be here, be quick cause no one else could rescue me
from this mess Im in, How long will take to fix my scene
Track Name: birds of winter
The birds of winter took him home, again
Against the wishes of the crowd’s outrage
Repair the damage and start a claim
For all the troubles that you’ve caused to them

It was the saddest of the nights
When the coldest of the winds
Brought the news back
Brought the news back Home

Let’s burn those witches just for fun and play
Take my advice and learn to play the game
Undo the clause you took one time and pray
Cause to my weaknesses you are a slave

It was the saddest of the nights
When the coldest of the winds
Brought the news back
Brought the news back Home

The birds of winter / the drops of sorrow
The birds of winter / the crops of summer
The birds of winter / took you home with them
The birds of winter

The birds of winter seek the pain with disdain
Towards the yearnings that their minds reject
The dreaded vultures infect the band with disgrace
To end the troubles that you’ve caused to them
Track Name: re-birth of truth
I tried to keep your secrets safe, your life the rarest bird
Will be there when the ship explode, right in my face
The sentence was loud and clear. I was supposed to stay
If you could only saw my tears, rolling down the drain
You took away the pain and brought the silence back
Again the river showed me where not to fall apart.

You’re famous now you got your wishes delivered at your door
You worry about the tiniest things that make your life here hell
You are well set up and all the kids follow you behind
In competition with no one so no chance for you to win
You will reveal the truth as long as we are through
Again the river showed me where not to fall apart.

You realized that you were, the consolation prize
Your endless fascination with my beautiful insides
Were dying to quit the scene since the day I call your name
You think you are the moral king of mediocrity
Your crying gives you the right to keep pushing me down
Again the river showed me where not to fall apart.
Track Name: one day at a time
Doctors swear I will be fine
for at least another month
If I follow the strict rules
I might see the merry moth of June
Never the one to hesitate I’m afraid I’ll lose my steps
Without a compass in my heart and a naked sense of relieve

Should have left the house more often
Should have kept in touch with friends
Should have been more kind to you

Let’s live our lives / one day at a time
Let’s take our lives

Here is the path we used to travel
Gravel, pebbles, stones and sand.
In my understated state of mind
Couldn’t enjoy what was left behind
Let’s Drink some mercury and raised a toast to each other
Delete those memories so hard to swallow

You got what you paid for
I paid too much for what I got
I wouldn’t mind to stir things up,

Let’s live our lives / one day at a time
Let’s take our lives
Track Name: going down
He woke up from the steps
There was someone messing in their room
Get up you make me sick.
It’s the time for you to payback
You kept me waiting too long
But no one can escape from their fate
Is it you Mrs. Jones? Or just my imagination?

Let me stay

You fit me like a glove
I will cover your tears with snow
Young, vulgar and strong
All my bones were missing in action.
This time I’m going down
No tricks or begging could save me
The boundaries are all gone
Still don't know the charges I’m wearing..

Let me stay
Track Name: fare thee well
You didn't want to be seen
But you rather be noticed
You will leave a black hole
When departing the room
Didn't want to be saved
Never asked for support
A wound they won’t be able to overrule

Lost most of everything and won almost nothing
Tired of feeling sick and sick of being tired
Never far enough from the point of no return
So much stuff in your head
And then nothing gets done

Why don’t You finish your drink?
And put a shoe in your mouth?
You wasted your free will
Waiting to be found
Fighting a lost crusade
In the name of your pride
You were spot in the roof
Howling at the moon.

Fare thee well.